Friday, May 31, 2013

Back to Buddhism, Save Rohingya Muslim

A friend from Myanmar text me concerning the situation of our neighboring country,  Myanmar especially Rohingya.

Myanmar is a country with Buddhism serve as their main guidance in living out their life. Learning about Buddhism definitely tells me that this place should be a peaceful nation. Throughout my journey, i meet many Buddhist including monk and the temple's people. They live in modesty, humble and ready to serve at any time. Not many of them are naughty or doing mischief.

When my fried informed me that the chaosity is triggered by the Buddhist monk and their leader has been making hatred speech towards Muslim community, it leaves me in profound shock.
Muslim are killed easily, the women being raped and they live in fears. Fears that the Buddhist get irritated and they will be killed. life has become very cheap and those in power can always own them. They even planning to implement laws that prevent Muslim from having more than two child.
Buddhism, in line with Hinduism and Jainism live with the code of ethic namely Ahimsa. it literally means avoidance of violence and not to do harm. these three religion elaborate this code in many ways and some of them went to the extent of not even killing the animal for food, hence turning them into a vegetarian.
However, the core of agreement for the Ahimsa is not to do harm and to live in harmony and with love. I have seen this action portrayed by many Buddhist and it impress me as it is also an Islamic teaching. we definitely have something in common here.
I am wondering whether the monks who runs Myanmar are the true one or fake. I believe that all the good hearted Buddhist who view my post including my friend in social media will agree with me that what happen in Myanmar does not reflect the true teaching of Siddharta Gautama Buddha. This is deviant of beautiful teaching by the teachers.
I urge that all of us will hold our hand fast and uphold the code of ahimsa and return peace at the highest place. Stop killing Muslim in Myanmar and live in harmony.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Allah Tahu Jawapannya

Kita sering menangis apabila Allah tidak mengganjarkan apa yang kita minta. Betapa kita mahukan sesuatu benda, berusaha untuk nya tetapi impian yang dibina tidak kesampaian.

Sering kita bertanya, kenapa kau tidak memberikan apa yang aku mahu, wahai ALLAH? Kenapa kau kurniakan ia pada orang lain tetapi tidak pada diriku?

Saya tidak pasti tentang orang lain tetapi ia berlaku pada diri saya. Ya! Saban hari ia mengganggu fikiran saya, membuat saya tertanya-tanya dan sentiasa mengeluh.

Berkali-kali saya cuba yakinkan diri sendiri bahawa ALLAH tidak semestinya memberi apa yang kita mahu tetapi Allah akan berikan apa yang terbaik untuk kita dan juga memakbulkan permintaan kita yang selari dengan rancanganNYA untuk kita.

Namun hasutan syaitan durjana terus menerus menghentam setiap inci rasa hingga memustahilkan akal untuk berfikir dengan waras. Lantas, begitu senang sekali menyalahkan TUHAN seolah-olah TUHAN mengabaikan kita atau tidak menyayangi kita.

Telah saya lalui beberapa peristiwa di mana saya terlampau inginkan sesuatu benda. Berharap untuk mendapatkannya dan mencuba dan mencuba tetapi tidak berjaya. Saya gagal melihat kenapa Allah tidak mengizinkan saya mendapatkan benda tersebut hinggalah selepas beberapa bulan atau tahun di mana Allah akhirnya memberikan jawapan secara langsung atau tidak langsung.

Di ketika itu, barulah kita sedar bahawa ALLAH maha mengetahui apa yang ada dan berlaku pada makhluk ciptaanNYA. Mungkin kita hanya terlampau ego untuk menerimanya. Atau mungkin juga ia menggambarkan betapa kotornya hati kita hingga gagal untuk menerima ketentuan yang telah ALLAH tetapkan untuk kita.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Seed of Love

Image taking from this [link]
A seed could be a black, gray, brown or white. They are different but they have one thing in common. The ability to grows into another creatures far bigger and differ in their present shape, color and size. When the time comes, they will just evolve.

First of all, the seed needs to fall on earth. It is the base ground for an establishment. Well, to be truth, they can grow anywhere they like, even inside your pocket. But it won’t survive because it still needs the land.

Once they meet the land, then they just need the right thing which is water. It will give the poor little seed a life and the root starts to grow inside the earth. And the shoot starts to appear seeking for sunlight. Once everything is in place, they will just grow bigger and bigger until one fine moment that they just getting tired. The leaves start to fall and decomposed into the fertilizer. And the root reabsorbs it and it will just provide the correct nutrient and the tree will grows again. It will get higher and higher, touching the sky. The trunk starts to become a wood and covered by a strong bark to protect them. And the root getting longer and longer and travel deeper and deeper to ensure that they will grab every single earth and make the foundation strong.

When the spring comes, it will just produce flower, bearing fruits and throwing out new seeds so that a future tree generation can be made available. And when the autumn comes, some of the leaves will fall leaving the trunk alone. But still they will strive to survive and produce the new leaves again until when the nature said that it is time for them to stop growing. Then the tree will dies and still they will give benefit to others. The rodent will make their home from the fallen trunk, the worm gets it food from the leaves and the earth will be fertilized by the decayed body.

Love is like a seed. It will not going to grow until it meets the earth. And the earth is called chance. It may happen in a blink of eyes that you suddenly fall in love with someone. Nobody invites it, but it just come out of nowhere. It is a normal feeling and you can fall in love with thousands of people even on a single moment. But, the feeling will just suppressed and stop if you are not given a chance to prove that you are worth something to him or her. By having a chance then only it will start to grow.

Now that the road is open wide and you need to advance. You need to grow your root. The root is the understanding between the two souls that strive to complete the life of each other. The more you understand each other, and then your relationship will grow stronger and stronger. Nothing will ever break the ties.

As both of you understand each other, the shoot of affection will then arise. This affection is merely about how you both feel on each other’s heart and soul. And indeed, this affection is supported by the strong foundation of understanding.

Silence can be an art but the deep silence can kill the relationship. Because, as the sunlight keep the tree grows, it is the communication that becomes a magic in a relationship. Without having a communication, one can get easily misunderstood. And it means, weaken the root of love. So, we have to ensure that the daily life will be filled with a meaningful conversation and other body gestures of communication.

As for the fertilizer, it simply means to care for each other. By caring, you are giving more to each other. Caring will cure the broken heart and clear the cloudy mind. By taking care of each other than both of the man and women will feel that they are in need of each other. Stopping of care will be harmful to a relationship and sooner or later, the tree of love will just stop growing.

Once everything is in place, then only your tree of love will be blessed by happiness. The leaves, the flowers, the fruits and the seeds will sparkle your life. By having each other, you would enjoy this life. You will have the fortune, the financial, the offspring and the drive to keep alive and achieving more.

And of course, your relationship would be just like the tree that is affected by the weather. Sometime it will glow, sometime it will be dark and sometime it will just die. And this weather is of course the law of nature that has been set by GOD. As long as you taking care of the root, the shoot, the sunlight, and the fertilizer, it will already be enough for your part. The rest is to let the GOD take care.

And this whole story is mainly about two important things. The seed and the land. The love and the chance! The whole process will not going to happen without giving love a chance to grow. And it’s all in your heart. If you are willing to open your heart no matter how hard it is, then you are giving chance for the seed to grow. And hey, everybody knows that not all the seed will grow into a tree. And that is how love would be too. Not all the relationship will be a success. But we will never know if we did not try.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Capai apa yang Anda Inginkan

gambar hiasan dari [link]

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. [Ayn Rand, Russia writer]

Segala apa yang ingin kita capai adalah tidak mustahil untuk kita genggam. Yang penting, kita haruslah mempunyai tekad yang kuat, berkeazaman yang tinggi dan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh.

Namun, harus kita tanya diri kita sendiri, untuk apa semua itu? Selaras dengan tuntutan yang kita sering pelajari dalam silibus usrah berkenaan hadis pertama dari hadis 20 iaitu setiap amal itu bermula dengan niat.

Soalnya, apa niat kita untuk mencapai sesuatu yang kita inginkan?

Dalam kata-kata indah yang diungkapkan oleh Ayn Rand, seorang yang kreatif itu mendapat motivasi nya berdasarkan keinginan untuk mencapai sesuatu kejayaan. Dan keinginan ini tidak pula berhasil andai kita usahakan semata-mata untuk menewaskan seseorang.

Bagi saya, kita harus mempunyai satu pertandingan yang sihat. Setiap dari kita mempunyai cita-cita seperti menjadi doctor yang terkenal dan hebat, usahawan yang kaya raya ataupun pemimpin teragung.

Namun, kebanyakan kita masih terperangkap dengan mentaliti sempit bahawa untuk menjadi nombor satu, anda harus jatuhkan pesaing anda ke nombor dua dan tiga. Tidak akan ada dua orang berkongsi satu nombor di tangga teratas.

Dalam erti kata lain, untuk berjaya, anda harus musnahkan pesaing anda. Ini adalah mentaliti yang  sangat tidak sihat.

Sebaliknya, jika anda mempunyai pemikiran yang kreatif, anda boleh sahaja mendapat tempat teratas dan pada masa yang sama tidak menafikan kehebatan orang lain. Dengan ini, setiap manusia yang ada akan mendapat manfaat dari anda dan juga pesaing anda. Dalam erti kata lain juga, anda dan pesaing anda sama-sama maju dan berguna pada orang lain.

Ini adalah win-win situation!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cinta Yang Meracuni!

Image from deviantart [link]

Segala yang ada kelihatan kabur,
Yang terang hanya tinggal dikau,
Kenapa perlu terangnya bulan?
sedang cahayamu bersinar mencukupi,
Kenapa perlu panas mentari?
Andai hangat dipeluk asmara.

Aku tidak memerlukan khamar,
kerana aku sudah cukup mabuk,
Cintamu yang mempesona,
Sering menipu pandanganku,
Aku lemas dipukul badai kasih,
Dan aku tenggelam di lautan rindu.

Tidak aku mampu menahan getaran,
Sungguh aku rindu senyumanmu,
Dan sering aku terbuai,
akan indahnya tawamu,
Andai ia sebuah mimpi,
Ingin selamanya aku terus tidur.

8/5/13 11.50 Malam.
Taman Ria 7, Tawau

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sehangat cinta

Image from Website:  Media Colectien [link]

Kedinginan malam,
Takkan mampu menghilangkan kehangatan rindu,
Hembusan nafas kasih,
Pasti kan terus membara..

Cinta Menggila

image from website [link]

Cinta tidak mengenal kata 'tidak'
makin dihalang, makin membara,
makin dipadam, makin membakar,
logika menjadi dongengan,
kewarasan menjadi mainan,
Yang benar terasa di awangan.

Apa bisa akal terpakai?
bila hanyut dalam kemabukan,
Yang lurus ternampak bengkok,
yang bulat menjadi bersegi,
yang terang semakin pudar,
hanya wajahnya menjadi terang.

Sekali tersesat,
Lama sungguh terpingga,
berkali di intai tetap hampa,
selagi kegilaan terus berpesta,
selama itu dia dihati,
tak kan mungkin hilangnya rasa.


Taman Ria 7

8/5/13, 12.15 AM

Allah Matlamatku, Rasulullah ikutanku, Al Quran pedoman hidup, Syahid impianku.


"Janganlah kamu bersikap lemah, dan janganlah pula kamu bersedih hati, padahal kamulah orang-orang yg paling tinggi darjatnya, jika kamu org-orang yang beriman."[ Surah Al-Imran ayat 139]

Memori Terindah