Sunday, October 27, 2013

Diving with Pirates (26 Oct 2013)

Alhamdulillah today was my third trip and completed seven dives in Lahad Datu underwater with Pirate Scuba Divers led by our amazing and wonderful Dive Master Glen Haripulla.

For this trip, we went to Silam timber wreck and Johandam’s Reef. Together in this trip was definitely my crazy group mate of doctors and pharmacist in Lahad Datu as well as pirate divers team member; Borhan, Alsudin, Apip, Bobo, Eddie, Alvind, Glenn, Abg Isa, Jai Jai, and few others member. Sorry guys, there were some damage wire to my brain and I could not access my memory properly.

Thanks to Abg Isa for his wonderful underwater photography. Finally I had my own under water photo. Let’s enjoy some of the picture of Lahad Datu Underwater Scene taken by Abang Isa.

Do not hesitate to contact Glen if you are interested in diving in Lahad Datu. We dive almost every week.

Group Photo

Ready to jump

Abg Isa, Bobo and Me leading the way

Borhan, Eddie and Bobo

Everybody suffers from narcosis and went a lil bit crazy under water
i didnt know that i know how to do cam-whoring

With Jai Jai

No i was under attack by ikan bilis

Am i swimming or flying like superman

gonna reach you soon baby
Hi, I'm Jack and I'm Ok!

Typical Borhan's style

Well it's me again

Living corals


This is so heaven

In Johandam's reef

Green turtle

An estimated size of 30 kg grouper inside the ship wreck
among the beauty


All are living corals

small little soldier

fall in love

THanks GOD for the blessing

again. Master Piece
Can i stay under water
The coral cat fishes
Crystal clear water

Saturday, October 19, 2013

What Saddened a Doctor?

The sun will rise and lightened up the gloomy morning

Not every patient can be saved. No one can escape death. But before they die, doctors should do the best to let them live their last days in peace. This is the greatest help to patients and a consolation to their family [Hippocrates]

But it does sadden you when you cannot do things as what you have being taught in medical school for five years. To treat everybody as the same regardless of skin color, races, educational status and financial state. Middle age man comes in with a very advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. The liver is so big that it compresses the bowel causing the partial obstruction, worsening the abdominal distension and making him harder to breath. With the enlarged left lobe of the liver, compressing the stomach causing him to vomit each time taking food, leaving him a cachexic body. What can we offer him? No money to pay for the ultrasound or CT scan for staging. No money to pay for maybe at least feeding jejunostomy that could supply him some nutrients. Limited available bed that you need to reserve for acute case with greater chance of survivability. No palliative unit to alleviate the suffering....

And another 2 months old dysmorphic baby with Atrial Septal Defect and Ventral Septal Defect and biliary atresia. Come in with bronchiolitis but looks like in cardiac failure. Very derange of liver function test causing the deep jaundice and worst, affecting the brain and also causing the toxic to accumulate in the body. Not a candidate for operation. And the mother just burst into cry in front of you knowing the fact that her baby is dying. Just a matter of time but do not know when will the child took her last breath.

You go out with your colleague friend during the leisure time, to refresh and rejoice. And it is habits that doctor do talk about patient when they are enjoying their meals. And the story goes; a guy with mid twenties whom known to have any medical illness before suddenly found dead in sleep. Already rigor at the time the relative brings to hospital. A sudden death to a potential young man. And he’s supposed to get marry with his dream girl in less than a month.

And we doctor have to bear all these painful things. While our heart still in grief, another relative of patient shouting at you, accusing you not bother to take care of their sick relative while you are trying your best to treat the most severe one first. With a broken heart, you treat another patient and have to pretend that you are fine, to leave behind all those miserable moment so that your mind remains sounds for the sake of the other patients.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Dives With Pirate

 Yeah. 13/10/13, we went diving again. Lahad Datu Scene. We did three dives this time. And of course, as usual, we only had pictures on boat and surface of water.. Gosh! I need the under water camera so much. I need it, i want it. Anybody want to sell it for a very cheap price? or give it as a present?

Will, this week, only three of us did the dive as others were busy. Never mind, it was still fun. Thanks to Glen Hapirulla for the pictures

i look like the Digimon trainer. except for the big size. Hehe

On your mark, get set, kaboosh!

we are ok!

Happy hour with Glenn

Dive buddy; Rosly

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Diving with Lahad Datu Pirate Divers

Get ready Pirate

I had such a wonderful gateway last weekends for being given an opportunity to dive with Pirate Divers Team Lahad Datu lead by the dive master Glen Hapirulla. It was challenging because i was working at night shift before the diving and have to come for night shift work again after diving.

It was  a nice moment to meet new friends whom i never saw before. We were united by this activity. Bro Rosly, Kristy, Insp. Fadhli, Cikgu Munim, Ady Mili and few others diver whom i forgot their name.

We went to two dive site;Johandam Reefs and Farina Bay Saddle Island, spending about 50 minutes each dive. Mesmerized! I'm in shock to find out that Lahad Datu under water world was so beautiful. People has being under estimating the scene. There are thousands of living coral and it was awesome.

It was so sad that i do not have a camera to snap the picture and share the beauty creation of Allah with all of you. Soon, i will buy it, InsyaALLAH.

My plan now is to do a regular dive at least 2-3 dive per week and after certain amount of dive, i will take advanced water diver course and finally go to the heavenly under water; Sipadan Island.

Can't not wait for this week trips. Will go dive again on sunday 13/10/13..and as usual. will be a challenging day because I'm on night duty that day.

before we dive

tired After two dive. But still manage to smile


Ok let's go under

Clearing up the mask. Why look so serious.

Allah Matlamatku, Rasulullah ikutanku, Al Quran pedoman hidup, Syahid impianku.


"Janganlah kamu bersikap lemah, dan janganlah pula kamu bersedih hati, padahal kamulah orang-orang yg paling tinggi darjatnya, jika kamu org-orang yang beriman."[ Surah Al-Imran ayat 139]

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